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Grade 1 - Budding Learners Program

The first grade program is all about nurturing the sprouting growth buds of curiosity, wonder, self expression, knowledge, love of learning, independence, and sense of self, towards fulfillment. Young learners express their uniqueness as they engage in learning new ideas, reading new books, solving new problems, making new friends, playing new games, making new mistakes and have fun all the way through! The grade 1 curriculum instills foundational concept learning in a transdisciplinary method engaging multiple intelligences. The primary learning disciplines (subjects) include reading, writing, math, EVS (science and social), second language and computer science. Your child develops greater emotional maturity, physical fitness, social and communication skills, self awareness, self management, and autonomy and responsibility, alongside strong academics. Each session is a fun learning opportunity where children look forward to exploring, learn, and play new things in new ways, interacting with teachers and friends, creating, collaborating, exploring with peers, as a whole class, or just by themselves

Meet Our Teachers

Our compassionate Grade One teachers are highly qualified educators with broad exposure and deep experience in working with kids. Our multi-pronged pedagogy draws from the best practices of various early education teaching methods and empirical experience.

Our teachers are extensively trained to connect and engage children in a virtual classroom. Practicing mindfulness helps our teachers cultivate awareness, compassion and positive interactions in classrooms. When teachers are mindful and open to possibilities, children engage and connect freely in the classroom and learn with all their heart

Flexibility, mindful attention, deep compassion, continuous learning, an enthusiasm to connect, a striving to deliver the best, integrity in teaching, curious engagement, resilience, and resourcefulness are the assets of Beautiful Minds teachers.

Carl Dowsan

Subject: Math
Teaching is my Passion

Carrie Irwin

Subject: English
Teaching is my Dream.

John Tunny

Subject: English
Teaching is an Art

Jhon Snori

Subject: English
Teaching is life changing

Student & Parent Testimonials