About Us

Who We Are

We are a team of parents, teachers, educationists, technologists, & professionals with diverse backgrounds, who have come together with unified passion, to realize our vision of providing meaningful, engaging, & holistic education, and learning experience for tomorrow’s leaders. Together we strive to build the world’s best hybrid learning school bringing together the best of technology, teaching approaches, learning curriculum, and empirical experience. The Beautiful Minds school is a realization of our collective dreams of an education that strives to instill life long gifts of thoughtfulness, creativity, self awareness, self compassion, and love of learning, that your children will take with them onwards into the journey of life.

Our Programs and Approach

The Beautiful Minds School provides holistic education for children between ages 3 years to 9 years old covering grades nursery, Pre Kinder (LKG), Kindergarten (UKG), Grade1. Grade2 & Grade3. Our approach emphasizes 360 degree exposure, and life long skill development during these tender years where children develop the most. Our learning curriculum, teaching methods & materials, and learning resources are devised in a way that integrates the best of existing standards & methods and  comprehends the valuable learning and opportunities the pandemic induced change in education, has brought upon us.

Hybrid Learning

The Beautiful Minds School strongly believes in multi-mode education. Based on the extensive feedback from parents, teachers, and experts from various parts of the world, and our own experience, we believe a hybrid approach would best serve the learning needs of all children, not only during the pandemic and endemic periods but also going beyond. We envision to offer hybrid learning program – combining the best of online (synchronous & asynchrononus) and in-person (face to face) learning modes. We begin with online-only learning mode consisting of both synchronous (interactive/live) learning sessions, and asynchronous practice and review sessions offered using best in class native digital content  and learning methods.

We plan to transition to a hybrid learning mode based on  local micro schools as we understand the locality composition of our students and the local and global pandemic status. We will update families as our thinking plans evolve on this, and assure that we will incorporate your feedback as we realize our plans

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Beautiful Minds Community

As the saying goes “ It take a village to raise child“, all of us at Beautiful Minds believe in lasting relationships, and communities. To this extent we spend a considerable amount of time and energy, consciously plan lessons and activities that foster greater interaction, building comfort, and friendships among children inside and outside of classrooms. We regularly invite families to become active observers, & participants in their children’s learning. We enthusiastically solicit   feedback from families and incorporate it as appropriate. We actively promote parent discussions, PTA community meetings (virtual and in-person if possible) and more, to continually enrich  children’s learning experience

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