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Digital First Learning Platform

Highly engaging and interactive digital learning content and activities

Audio, video, animation, rich text  and other rich multimedia mini lessons, and learning activities, projects, and games adapted for online classrooms, spur children’s curiosity, sustains attention, and instills deep love of learning.

Optimal  Small Group Learning 

Individualized attention with 6-10 kids per class


Children’s learning thrives in  smaller classrooms, that fosters  free, fair, safe, and positive interactions with peers and teachers. Children are intrinsically motivated to learn in an environment where they feel heard and welcomed to participate and express their ideas, thoughts and feelings, freely.

Adaptive, Child Centered Learning

Agile and flexible approach

With a willingness to learn and adapt, and a robust methodology to assess, evaluate and evolve our approach and methods, we are constantly striving to best serve the learning needs of every child. Our adaptive learning and assessment methods promote self paced learning.

Holistic Curriculum

Preparing for success in life and career

A comprehensive academic curriculum -that integrates the best of all standard curricula, applies transdisciplinary learning, incorporates computer science education; combined with comprehensive co-curricular and extra curricular learning, promotes 360 degree child development.

Integrating Best Practices

Defining a new learning paradigm

Integrating best practices from Montessori, Reggio, Play based,  Inquiry based and experiential learning methods with digital technology for best results. Creating a centered learning experience by embracing  mindfulness and self compassion practices in the classroom.

Inclusive, multicultural, global school

21st-century learning platform

Children learn with peers from different parts of the world. Children learn with peers of different age. Children learn in multiple grades, there is no need to hold back a child gifted in math until he levels up in  English, or  to hold back a gifted reader until he learns how to add.  Undoing the boxes of learning, and liberating the way we learn in small steps.








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